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The Women of Ghosts915

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  • Published: Monday, 11 July 2016 21:33
  • Written by Henry Flores
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The women of the Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society (Ghosts915) have always been the ones that prove leadership, bravery, talent, and outright awesomeness. 

Here information on the sisterhood of Ghosts915.


Bonnie Juarez

Bonnie has a background in education, accounting, and personal paranormal experiences. Her awesomeness makes her Vice President, and Treasurer of Ghosts915 and co-owner of the Wigwam Museum. 

You can reach Bonnie at 915-274-9531

Collette Maes

Collette Maes is an excellent researcher, archeologist, and gives an amazing experience in our ghost tours and events. She is also the head coordinator for our Dia De Los Muertos Festival and the curator of The Wigwam Museum. 

Heather Shade

Heather Shade is a paranormal historian, published author, artist, investigator, and experienced tour guides. She also leads the Haunted Brothel Tour in Downtown El Paso. One of her main accomplishments is her publication Weird Texas from Barnes & Nobles. 

Mina Estrada 

Mina is a paranormal investigator and EVP specialist with Ghosts915. Her talent is used at Concordia Cemetery and mostly at our San Elizario Ghost Tour.