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Visit our office at 108 E San Antonio in El Paso, Tx
Investigate the El Paso's City of the Dead
Enter the only jail Billy the Kid broke INTO
Downtown El Paso Ghost Tours
Haunted Brothel Tours
Haunted Hotel Tours

Our Staff

(Photo coming soon) Rev. Henry Flores President of PDNPS, Lead Investigator, Cool guy. Henry has been investigating the paranormal since he was a kid. (Still is)
(Photo coming soon) Bonnie Juarez Treasurer, Paranormal Investigator,
(Photo coming soon) Collette Maes Secretary, Paranormal Investigator, Event Coordinator,
(Photo coming soon) Heather Shade Author, Paranormal Historian and Investigator, Tour Guide. Heather has a deep passion for history and the unknown.
(Photo coming soon) Dean Tarango Paranormal Historian and Investigator, Tour Guide. Loves to help others in need.

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